Level Designer


Speed Studies: God of War

With this series, I desire to examine, research, and recreate my favorite levels. Speed Studies is intended for quick creation of block-mesh to research, practice, and repeat. For this one I chose God of War.

Initially I took some time to research the scale, flow and layout. Without any knowledge into the specific scale Santa Monica Studio used, I settled on a two meter height for Kratos. With that settled for myself, I went back and forth between the game and Maya to establish a scale for the rest of the pieces.

I really enjoyed how the levels throughout the game flowed in and out between the critical path and several exploratory nooks and crannies. More to come!

For a great resource check out this God of War article, How Santa Monica Studio Nailed Exploration in God of War by Anthony DiMento, a Senior Systems Designer at Santa Monica Studio.

Jon Hickenbottom