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Top 10 Games

I wanted to write down my current list of top ten favorite games of all time... So here it goes!

  1. Half Life - This game has to be on the top of the list. Half-Life single handily helped propel my career into games. I have fond, vivid memories of going to the local Comp USA to purchase Half-Life. While the box art was fantastic, I was enamored with this little thing called World Craft described in the cover: "create your own custom Half Life levels..." This would change everything for me.

  2. The Last of Us - I never imagined the impact this game would have on my life. It changed the way I approached games and what I expected from them ever since. It took narrative and storytelling in games to new heights. With growing libraries of video games, it has been hard to find the time to beat a game once, let alone twice. I have finished the Last of Us six times, and I look forward to my seventh play through. The Last of Us also brought a beautiful, grounded, stealth-based multiplayer to the masses. I hope everyone can experience this masterpiece.
  3. Phantasy Star Online - This little gem found me at the right time in my life. The first of its kind for consoles, this game was a perfect blend of action, free-for-all loot and social hijinx. Rare items would be open to any player on their drop. The designers from Sonic Team made these drops a beautiful, bright-red box. When you spotted red, the race was on! I will never forget the wonderful memories exploring Ragol with my friends -the ones I had met in my journies through Phantasy Star Online.
  4. World of Warcraft - To this day, this game continues to grow, expand and mature. Having an account since beta, it is refreshing to look back on the beautiful journey the fantastic team at Blizzard have masterfully created. This game has something for everyone and is always exciting to return to years later.
  5. Uncharted 2 / 4 - Jaw-dropping. Never before had I experienced this level of narrative exploration in video games. Each Uncharted game has been a master class of its time. The developers pushed their studio (Naughty Dog) and the game industry forward in ways we never could have imagined. Worth mentioning is the fantastic (and underrated) multiplayer of Uncharted. While 2 and 3 had their modes of multiplayer, Uncharted 4 perfected the formula. I am proud to say I achieved Master Rank in Season 3 and 4. What an awesome game!
  6. Goldeneye - No longer did my brother and I have to play pretend secret agents running around our family home. Goldeneye was out and all our friends were eager to come over and play this fantastic game and it's unforgettable multiplayer.
  7. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Every year around the holidays, I have fond memories flood back of 1998. This was the year I received an early gift -a gold cartridge of Ocarina of Time. I spent my entire Holiday vacation exploring every nook and cranny of Hyrule. To this day, I can't honestly remember if I beat Ocarina of Time. Because of this, I have decided to replay the entire game in its entirety. It has been a road down memory lane, exploring Hyrule once again.
  8. Deus Ex - This game was a part of a perfect storm. My obsession of the time was Dana Scully and Fox Mulder investigating aliens and the paranormal. With the release of Deus Ex, I could live out my dream of saving the world from aliens, one conspiracy at a time. Warren Spector, Harvey Smith, and team crafted a beautiful game full of depth, beauty and intrigue. One of the greatest games ever imagined.
  9. Super Mario 64 - It's-a-me! Mario! Not much to say that has not already been said -this game changed everything. I feel thankful to have experienced this game at launch. It left my jaw dropped and my world turned upside down. It was a perfect culmination of the past, present and future.
  10. Bioshock - Wow. Don't let anyone spoil this one for you. Play it!

Runner Ups

Red Dead Redemption | Grand Theft Auto 3 - 5 | Rust | Journey

Max Payne | Counter-Strike | Day of Defeat | System Shock 2

Super Mario World | Pokemon | Animal Crossing | Shadow of the Colossuss

What are your favorite games ?

Thank you for reading and hope all is well,




Jon Hickenbottom